My niece had to take her baby to the hospital in Orlando she's only about 3 weeks old something like that, she's got viral meningitis. Please pray!

Nov-29 / last prayer 7d ago

Please Pray for Cassie! she is on the streets! Haven’t heard from her in 5 days! last heard she was sleeping in a car! Mom’s so upset and her heart is full of worry! They just need Prayers

Nov-28 / last prayer 8d ago
Bishop Nyle Vernon

From Bishop Nyle Vernon: Patsy, please get all of the prayer warriors praying.,,Been in hospital for 5 days due to breathing problems, I have always believed in divine healing!!!! But God!

Nov-25 / last prayer 8d ago
A Church Member

From Sis. Karen Kittrell Miller: From one of our members. Can you please start a prayer chain my oldest daughter is having chest pains and she's having sharp stabbing pains in her heart. But God!

Nov-27 / last prayer 8d ago